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10 Tips Voor Wordpress SEO de 15 Nuttige Tools en Plugins.
Dit is echter niet optimaal voor de SEO van je WordPress site, Google slaagt er zelden in om de kern van je boodschap in je meta description samen te vatten. Google pakt vaak de eerste regels of wat willekeurig lijkende stukken tekst van je webpagina. Een goede meta description voor een hogere CTR. Ook met een goede meta description kunnen we invloed uitoefenen op de CTR vanuit Google, net zoals bij de title tags. Het effect van een goede meta description is wel minder groot dan het effect van een goede title tag, maar het loont zeker de moeite om ook je meta descriptions de nodigde aandacht te geven. We kunnen de meta descriptions ook weer met behulp van de Yoast SEO plugin instellen, op dezelfde manier zoals we de title tag kunnen instellen.
Can I use Yoast SEO title and description? SNIP: Structured Data WordPress Plugin.
Pre Sales Questions 20. Rules and Positions 2. Search Engines 2. Snippet Examples 1. Snippet How-Tos 15. Structured Data Basics 10. Third Party Plugins and Themes 22. Version 2 Basics 12. Google Rich Snippets 1. Plugin Power 3. Plugin Updates 7. Shortcode Live Examples Version 1.x 11. Search for: Search. Can I use Yoast SEO title and description? Last updated: January 18, 2018 SNIP FAQ Third Party Plugins and Themes Can I use Yoast SEO title and description? Yes, with the beginning of version 2.2.0 you can use the following three internal values if Yoast SEO plugin is installed.: SEO meta description. and the Primary Category. Choose one of the following values provided by the Yoast SEO plugin. Structured Data Plugin for WordPress. Content After Posts WordPress Plugin. Purple Heart Rating Plugin.
Yoast SEO Installation Setup Guide for WordPress WPExplorer.
There are five tabs in this section, all with important features and options to consider. The main tab within the Dashboard will show any SEO problems or recommended improvements the plugin has found for your site. This is a quick and easy way to stay on top of your onsite SEO. Under the General tab youll find an option to reset Yoast SEO to its original settings. After installing any plugin many users like to test or try options, and this offers a simple way to get back to where you started so you can enable only the most useful options for your site. The Company Info tab is just what it sounds like, basic information about your website. We recommend at least setting your website name, whether you are a company or a person and your company/personal name. There are added options for an alt name and logo, but thats up to you. Use the Webmaster Tools tab to verify your site on major search engines and to enable your indexibility check. Lastly, the Security section offers the option to enable the advanced Yoast SEO meta box.
WooCommerce and YOAST SEO plugin: Title and Meta Templates.
Yoast SEO also sell a specific SEO plugin extension for Woocommerce, so thats probably what happened there! I will do some more research and see if they left anything available for free. August 25, 2014. New variable parent_title offered from yoast seo pluign. Will testing for parent category title. August 26, 2014. Thanks for that. August 26, 2014. Updated new version today, plugin added another %%user_description%% too. Leave your Comment Now! If you are writing code, please wrap it between: phpcode_here/php. Failure to complying with this as well as going off topic, not writing in English, etc.
How To Use the Yoast Meta Box to Make Your Website Stand Out.
This plugin is a tool that helps set up basic technical SEO configurations for WordPress, like sitemaps and page indexing. In addition, it analyzes the content within your posts and pages, when using the tool, to advise you about the length and quality of the content, the use of your focus keyword, as well as the snippet information that will show up when your site is listed in a search. If you have ever done a search in Google, or another search engine, this Snippet should look familiar.: Google Search Snippet The Yoast Meta Box. The three key elements of your Search Result are the Title, Slug and Meta Description.
Hoe gebruik je Yoast SEO? Een handleiding Optimus Online.
Google SERP snippet preview tool. 7326 DE Apeldoorn. 055 70 09 716. 2012 Optimus Online Algemene Voorwaarden Privacyverklaring Website onderhoud: Lamper Design. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin: de voor en nadelen Wat is duplicate content en is het slecht voor je SEO?
Easily optimize your SEO titles and meta descriptions with Yoast SEO Yoast.
Get Yoast SEO Premium Only 89 EUR ex VAT for 1 site. Optimizing the SEO title and meta description of every single one of your posts, pages, and other types of content is a lot of work. The Yoast SEO plugin makes these processes easier for you!
De voordelen van The SEO Framework WordPress plug-in WPLounge.
Focus op gebruiksgemak en SEO best practices. Jouke de Jong. Jouke is ondernemer en content marketeer. Het digitale brein achter Machielsen: een vertaalbureau en content marketing bureau en Boter Bloem: een start-up in de foodsector. Meer van deze auteur. WordPress gebruiker deactiveren zonder het account te verwijderen. Yoast lanceert gratis SEO-cursus voor beginners. Gratis op de hoogte blijven? Meld je gratis aan voor onze nieuwsbrief om op de hoogte. te blijven over ontwikkelingen in WordPress! Vul hier je e-mailadres in. Ik ga akkoord met de privacyvoorwaarden. Wanneer je dit formulier gebruikt, ga je akkoord met de opslag en verwerking van jouw gegevens door deze website. 15 juni 2018 om 1514.: Ik zie dat jullie inmiddels wel over zijn gestapt naar Yoast, wat was de beweegreden hierin? Ik weeg deze plugin ook af tegen Yoast en ben benieuwd naar jullie beweegreden hierin.
Optimizing the SEO title and meta description of your homepage Yoast.
Of course, we have lots of tips on creating the ideal meta description on our blog. Please note that the meta description field under the homepage heading doesnt feature the feedback that you are used to in the Yoast SEO metabox.
Setting WordPress SEO Title and Description with All in One SEO Pack.
Now that you know how to update your SEO description, we will show you how to set your site to autegenerate descriptions based on your page or post title. In your WordPress Dashboard click the All in One SEO link.
Yoast SEO Plugin Settings For Your WordPress Blog.
Just follow the steps. 1 Click the Features tab of the Yoast SEO Dashboard. Select Enabled for Advanced settings pages and click Save changes. 2 Under Titles Metas select the Homepage tab and enter your Homepage Title and Meta description.

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